Guard On Your Own From Data Files Emergency With High-Quality Back-Up System And Wireless External Hard Drives

Information is critical to a computer user. Documents should always be saved accurately to avoid damage and data loss. To avoid data damage, we need to have good quality data backup strategy. Simple Backup Suite, or often called backup in the Ubuntu OS can be employed for this reason.

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Sbackup is software GUI in Ubuntu or other Linux distributions that is able to backup information or directories. Backups can be stored on local hard drive, a remote directory or wireless external hard disk or wireless external hard drives.

Sbackup making use of data compression strategy in executing their tasks, so when applied to mp3 files for instance MP4 video or jpg images it will not be significant in preserving storage.


To install backup, you only open Synaptic application in Ubuntu. Then simply try to look for backup application, mark for installing, then simply click the Apply button. This action needs to have an internet connectivity. If you have installed, then the application backup are usually placed in System-> Administration-> Simple Backup Config. At the time the application is operating, key in the password for sudo access.

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The procedure of data backup

General Tab

While the application is executing, you are taken to the General tab in which outlined the three methods of operation are:

Use recommended backup settings

In cases where you are new to Ubuntu, you ought to make use of this choice. This is a method to do a backup every single day to the directory /home, /etc, /usr /local and /var. This alternative will never be backing up over 100MB of files and multimedia files. Backups would be kept in the directory /var/backups

Use custom backup settings

This is a backup method that may be customized as in the selection include and exclude rules, backup timing and backup storage.

Manual backups only

This is a method for the regular backup procedure. To get started the method, just click the Backup Now button. Backup will consistently comply with the settings in other tabs.

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Include Tab

This section is the section wherein you can specifying the directory or file to backup. Select the Add File or Add Directory to place files or directories to be backed up. If there exist modifications, simply click on the Remove button.

Exclude Tab

This section is going to be used to name directories or files will never be backed up anyplace. You can find 4 ways to use this segment as follows:

Path: the path of the directory or file is not archived

File Type: Any type of file that will not be backed up, as an example. Mp3 or. Avi

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Max Size: Which means the files are greater than the specific size will not be backed up

Regex: This section will allow the user to define the things that are not backed up by regular expression

Destination Tab

In standard situations, the backup files will probably be put in the directory /var/backups. But you can change this setting if you would like keep backups in another place eg on external hard drives or wireless external hard drive or remote directory. To save the backup in the remote directory, we can use the ssh protocol.

Time Tab

This part is used to arranged when the backup process will certainly work. Setting the interval between the other backup processes are hourly, daily, weekly, monthly and customized intervals. And then when the process will be run can be set.

The latest Usb stick is used as a standard data storage gadget that comprises of a flash memory space equipped with universal serial bus, which acts as the user interface. It is small in size when compared with floppy drive or compact disc. It's easily-removed, rewritable and weighs about under 30gm.

Purging tab

This section is used to manage what must be done to archive older backups.

If things are set, then you simply push the Save button. There after you can perform the backup process by pressing the Backup Now button.

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The latest Usb stick is used as a standard data storage gadget that comprises of a flash memory space equipped with universal serial bus, which acts as the user interface. It is small in size when compared with floppy drive or compact disc. It's easily-removed, rewritable and weighs about under 30gm.

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